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It is not easy to find a Locksmith in Toronto who will be reliable, fast and timely any minute a need presents itself in a 24 hour period. You need 24/7 security with a Locksmith service company that you can trust. Whether you need to change a lock or have got locked out of your home in Toronto or surrounding area or have lost your car keys when visiting Toronto, we’re here for you.

Our Services Include:

We are your one-stop Locksmith service company in Toronto and surrounding area. We have professional Locksmiths that are highly trained, licensed and certified. These Locksmith technicians are available 24 hours to help you with your commercial or residential security project or needs. Small or big, we are here to serve you better!

Here are some Locksmith rules and tips you must know before hiring. Please read them carefully and make sure you ask the right questions when you call a Locksmith.

How to know if your Locksmith is real:

  • A real Locksmith will ensure that any residential lock they are opening belongs to the correct customer
  • An honest Locksmith will charge you a reasonable price in accordance with the parts and time spent
  • A car Locksmith will ask for valid confirmation of the car’s ownership to make sure that it belongs to the customer
  • A trusted Locksmith will make keys that are unique for your door, and will never keep a copy
  • In Toronto, GTA and Ontario, locksmiths do not have to be licensed but they must be trained, insured and able to complete lock and safe related tasks.
  • Safe Locksmiths and technicians will always open your safe in your presence so you’re the first to see the contents of the safe
  • A mobile Locksmith Toronto will let you know how long it will take them to get to your emergency lockout
  • High-security locks by Medeco or multi lock must be provided with a card to make copies for the card holder only
  • To re-key a lock must be an option in 99% of the cases before changing the lock by a Locksmith
  • Opening locks can be done by both picking and drilling
  • Any safe can be open when a safe Locksmith technician arrives
  • Locksmiths must have clear records by law

Before letting someone have your keys or give someone access to your house, please make sure that you have knowledge of who you are dealing with. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry! Now that you know what you need, you’re welcome to call us anytime with your questions and concerns. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with any information over the phone or make a service call appointment with one of our Toronto and area Locksmith technicians.

What we offer at A1 Locksmith Toronto:

  • Fast, reliable and local Locksmith service
  • Free estimates
  • Lowest service calls in GTA Locksmith industry
  • Friendly and trusted Locksmith technicians
  • Professional lock installation service
  • Lock repair service anywhere in GTA, Ontario
  • Commercial Locksmith services
  • Eviction local and legal Locksmith service co-operating with the local police
  • Wide variety of locks to provide
  • 24/7 service all over the GTA and surrounding area

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