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Is your lock giving you trouble? Are you tired of incompetent, disrespectful and very expensive locksmith companies ripping you off? Well A1 Locksmith is none of that! With 30 years experience in the locksmith business and too much satisfied customers to count, A1 outperforms and outshines other locksmith companies in the Cambridge area.

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Need a locksmith who gives great service and parts at the lowest prices you’ll find? Well no worries! We specialize in everything from car locks to house locks and guardian locks and employ only the best workers we can find. We have multiple brand partnerships and as such can provide the best brand parts on the markets at the lowest prices on the market.

Throughout its 30 years of operation, A1 has gained a reputation for perfection when it comes to customer service. If you need a skilled, quick and affordable locksmith then feel free to contact us

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